Under current regulations and respecting the international standarts, Ekiz Mekanik Ltd. satisfies customer’s demands derived from all kinds of industrial needs.Our company executes these services with its reliable organization backbone, condemned work force and sufficent toolset as well as regarding the most respect to safety and deadline. When these services are submitted, we always prefer the way of choosing products of the leading brands and offering sensible prices. By having concentrated on tracing of domestic and foreign technologies, we are always ready to upgrade our knowledge to the next level.

Our services
• Heating
• Cooling
• Ventilation
• Mechanical
• Installation
• Fire Prevention
• Natural Gas Systems and similar jobs
• Design
• Production
• Supply
• Assembly
• Commissioning
• Delivery and maintenance of running

Working Areas
• Plant Facilities and Industrial Buildings
• High Rise Buildings
• Villas , Housing , Building and Sites
• Shopping malls
• Hotels,Business Centre and Social Facilities
• Hospitals, Hotels