Our mission

Ekiz Mechanic was founded by the Mechanical Engineer Devrim Kaan Ekiz. We have created a new synergy by combining the experiences gained in the mechanical installation sector.Our founder has gained business discipline and cultural experience with engineers from different countries in international projects abroad, engineering experience, knowledge gained from large construction projects in which he has worked domestically. By focusing on the advantages of working in domestic and foreign mixed projects with knowledge and adding the ability of interdisciplinary study to our work, we can work with the result oriented focus by applying mechanical installation, project management and design in the construction sector with the advantage of working in different projects like Housing, Shopping Center, Hospital and Hotel. We created the possibility. From this, we set off a new company by putting forward the engineering ethics rules in our business life.

Our Vision

Our aim is to have solid business references through working with primary companies of our country, to participate in large scale project and add value to business.